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Grow your business with minimum costs

Metals are the backbone of industrial value creation. More than 70% of global metals production come from outside EMEA region. Are you ready to succeed in this competitive environment?


Transform Your Greatest Challenges Into Opportunities

Your operation faces major hurdles with one of the most complex supply chains in the world.


A competitive metals industry is of fundamental importance for the competitiveness of other global industries. (The metal industry has a direct effect on all other sectors)

Reduce your total cost of ownership and stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Right-size your fleet, reduce administrative costs and extend useful life of equipment.
  • Monitor and reduce your environmental impact.
  • Stay ahead of international competition.

Lowering total cost of ownership to reduce production cost per ton and stay competitive.


Reducing the industry carbon footprint is becoming more important than ever.

Desire for greater sustainability.

  • Increased emphasis on emission reduction and green initiatives
  • Reliable, affordable and clean energy access is a key to achieving ambitious CO2 emission cuts.
  • Two main technological pathways for CO2 reduction; smart usage of CO2 and direct CO2 avoidance

Increased usage ofmore capable electric trucks and alternative power solutionsreduces environmental impact.

Improving Awareness

Running safe operations is a top priority in all stages of the metals industry supply chain.

Advanced technology and systems can help mitigate incidents occurring.

  • Lighting systems mark the way.
  • Sensor systems assist the driver with spatial awareness.
  • Telematics systems record and report activity in real time.

Improving awareness of fork lift truck drivers,and pedestrians working nearby,may help reduce incidents. Telematics system can aid in providing best practice operations.

Arduous Conditions

Extreme heat in metals foundries & abrasive dust in metals recycling operations are common challenges.

Extreme working conditions push trucks to their limits

  • Foundry packages provide needed protection to the truck components and systems
  • Hydraulic, carriage and mast protection deliver security against excessive heat.
  • Heavy-duty air pre-cleaners and belly pans reduce impact of dust and debris.

Heat and dust resisting features can reduce the impact of the elements on truck and operator.

Load Variation

Semi-finished or finished metal products vary significantly in type, shape, size and weight presenting particular handling challenges.

Handling load variety with minimum risk of damage.

  • Kissing forks with round edges to handle cylindrical shaped products
  • Hydraulic clamps for pipe handling
  • Protective nylon/rubber on fork shank to minimise load stress

A capable truck with the right configurationand correct front-end attachment is the solution.

Space Limitations

Precision handling of valuable loads in limited spaces.

Maintaining smooth production flow is essential to meet customer needs

  • Compact forklift trucks that have been developed specifically for high lift applications in confined areas.
  • High manoeuvrability and high capacity truck provide versatility for a variety of applications
  • Agile electric trucks deliver high productivity in constrained areas

Compact and zero-turning circle electric trucksoffer highly manoeuvrable solutions in limitedspaces.


Take control With Game Changing Solutions

Maximise production capabilities with reliable solutions that deliver.

Proven Approaches

Demonstrated To Increase Productivity

Innovations designed to help increase operational efficiency and achieve next level performance.

Delivering MHP To Keep Distribution Moving

With 30,000 pallet spaces located in 10.5 metre high racking, Ideal Stelrad wanted to replace its distribution hub fleet to incorporate the latest advances in equipment productivity and ergonomics. Providing operators with a range of comfortable, reliable equipment was key to the fleet solution which would enable the off-loading of 20 deliveries and more than 12,800 picks per day.

Quality Equipment And Engineering Support Boost Recycling Plant’s Productivity

Utilising the best available techniques and operating to high environmental standards, the plant handles in excess of 300 tonnes of batteries daily. With over 900 tonnes of recycled lead leaving the facility each week, Envirowales is setting the pace with an impressive recycling efficiency rate of more than 95%.

Yale High Capacity Forklift Trucks

High capacity range of lift trucks features some of the most trusted machines around. Whether looking for a standard forklift, or a specialised metal handling solution customers turn to Yale for the biggest jobs around.

Value Adds

Services And Support You Can Depend On

Yale has your lift truck solutions covered – plus the service and support programs to back them up.

Meet Our Automotive Industry Expert

Need help finding the right solution? Talk to our experts and we’ll help.

High Capacity Trucks

Seeing clearly: Yale optimises visibility on high capacity lift trucks


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